Aug 5 2011

The Political Pendulum 08-04-2011

Capped off a great week today!  Be sure to listen in.

Jobs, and Obama’s numbers were big topics today.


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Aug 3 2011

The Political Pendulum 8-3-11

A great show today.  Even had some questions from listeners.  Show is building momentum!


Aug 2 2011

The Political Pendulum 8-2-11

Finally have this episode uploaded!  Enjoy

Aug 1 2011

Premier Show! 08-01-2011

It was a fun show.  You can also visit to view the video feed.

Jul 30 2011

Dress Rehearsal Show!

The show officially starts August 1st.  Today, we did a test show to make sure we are all ready to go on Monday!

Great political discussion in the first part of the show.  Discussion about Vegas Banter with Marc Hernandez for most of the second part of the show.